Dutch Beer News

This is the news page of Hop Culture Reference. Short news flashes about the Dutch beer world: beer releases, bar openings and whatever else we find worth telling.

July 11: Vet & Lazy Pop-Up Bar

Another good reason to visit Rotterdam next to the many reasons already there. Rotterdam based brewery Vet & Lazy is opening a Pub Up bar close to their brewery. The location seems to be a very iconic one for Rotterdam. Follow them on https://lazy.vet/pub-up-bar/

July 7

Eindhoven based Van Moll is expanding. They have started crowdfunding to finance rebuilding their tasting room AND open a new pub in Nijmegen. You can help them on their CrowdAboutNow page.

May 13: Dutch Beer Challenge 2021

On Wednesday May 12 the Dutch Beer Challenge awards were announced. Big winner was Amsterdam brewery Homeland, winner of 4 medals. Other 3 medal winners were Frontaal, Brand, Texels, Vandeoirsprong, Kompaan, Jopen, Bavaria and ’t Uiltje.

Read the list of winners HERE.

April 28: Swinckels (Bavaria) takes over ’t Uiltje

Yesterday Swinckels Family Brewers, better known as Bavaria, released a press release announcing the takeover of ’t Uiltje. Here is the English translation:

Press release Wednesday, April 28, 2021

• Swinkels Family Brewers is implementing the growth strategy and is expanding its range of own brands

• Uiltje Brewing Company will use the knowledge and experience of a centuries-old family brewery in order to grow

Haarlem – Today Swinkels Family Brewers announces the acquisition of Uiltje Brewing Company. Uiltje Brewing Company is known as a quirky brewery, with a strong brand that made a name for itself with striking illustrations on the can. The takeover is a further development of the growth strategy for Swinkels Family Brewers. The addition of this creative modern craft beer brewery further strengthens the total beer portfolio of Swinkels Family Brewers. On the other hand, the acquisition allows Uiltje Brewing Company to optimally utilize the knowledge, experience and capacity of the centuries-old family brewer to further grow and Uiltje Brewing Company will be given the space to fully focus on quality and creativity. A great wish from founder Robbert Uyleman.
The Haarlem brewery was founded in 2012 by Robbert Uyleman. The brewery now brews 10,000 hectoliters of beer per year and employs 27 people. Uiltje Brewing Company offers dozens of beers and releases a new beer almost every week. Well-known beers from the brewery include Bird of Prey, Trackdown, Dikke Lul 3 Bier!, and the low-alcohol Superb-Owl. The connection of Uiltje Brewing Company with Swinkels Family Brewers means that the Haarlem brewer can make use of the extensive knowledge and years of experience in the field of innovation and sustainability. The cooperation also has advantages of a practical nature, because Uiltje Brewing Company, for example, can further increase its distribution capacity.
Powerful in craft beer
The range of specialty beers has been increasing significantly in recent years, because more and more consumers want to drink beer with more taste and experience. Swinkels Family Brewers will further strengthen its position in this modern craft beer market. With the acquisition of Palm Belgian Craft Brewers and De Molen Brewery, the family brewer has extensive experience in expanding its portfolio with different types of beers. In addition, the brewer has expanded its position through the acquisition of Bier & cO, one of the largest specialty beer importers in Europe.
Peer Swinkels, CEO of Swinkels Family Brewers: “With Uiltje Brewing Company, we add an enormously interesting craft brewer to our family of breweries. We look forward to working together on the craft beer revolution in the Netherlands and abroad. As a family brewer, we recognize the passion and drive for brewing a really good beer like no other. Uiltje Brewing Company is known for its fantastic beers and the playful illustrations on the tins. A very strong brand that radiates ambition and creativity, a brand that has a lot more potential. With the acquisition of Uiltje Brewing Company, we add a distinctive player in the modern craft beer market to our range of own brands. With our knowledge and capacity we can jointly make today's beer generation even more enthusiastic. ”
Ruben Korthuis, General Manager of Uiltje Brewing Company: “We are extremely pleased to become part of Swinkels Family Brewers, a great family business with a very long beer history. We see so many opportunities and would like to grow further. With Swinkels Family Brewers we acquire so much technical knowledge. Because the choice for this big step is not in the least a choice for growth, but a choice for quality and creativity. We came into contact with Swinkels Family Brewers through Bier & cO and mutual trust was an essential element. We also know that Swinkels Family Brewers has a strong entrepreneurial spirit that makes us feel very at home: a perfect match for us. ”
Limited edition 'Uiltje loves Swinkels' tin
To celebrate the takeover, Uiltje Brewing Company has developed a limited edition beer in which the illustration on the tin tells the story of the collaboration. This illustration was made by Gerben Valkema, the regular illustrator of the beer cans of the brewer from Haarlem.

April 28: Bars are Opening again

The government has decided that starting today (April 28) bars and restaurants can open again. But there are limits. You can only sit outside, so no inside seating just yet. They will only be open from 12 till 6pm, tables need to be reserved (though this can be done at the door) and you can only sit at a table with two people.
It brings challenges. Some bars have huge outside seating, others only a few tables. But in most cases it is better than nothing.

The annual King’s festival yesterday was supposed to be a low-key affair, yet the parks in the major cities were too crowded and the police had to remove people from them. The number of infections was already rising and yesterday won’t help. But for now it is a good start.